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Whitney Fangawa style blogger in London

So Whit, how are you feeling this glorious day? Any thoughts?

Yes, as a matter of fact I have many thoughts swimming through each of my minuscule brain cells. I’m thinking about whether the photographer’s (@lokcreative) lens will expose my makeup imperfections, reveal the areas I haven’t blended enough or re-energise my pores to appear just when I need them to hibernate for another hundred years. I’m also thinking about whether my poses are authentic enough. You know, whether my facial expressions scream out silent fears of awkwardness, soullessness and outright confusion or exude every inch of natural flair. I’m hoping for the latter. But apart from those thoughts I’m pretty much thought free.

Whitney Fangawa on style shoot in London

Funny you should say that because you actually look quite natural. I was going to commend you on that. Does it come natural to you or has it been a work in progress?

Oh thanks Whit! Well it has definitely been a work in progress, I’ll say that much and I’m still learning new ways to feel more comfortable and exude a sense of authenticity in every shot. Most times the most natural looking shots are those spontaneous ones where you actually forget that you’re in front of a camera. It’s all in the eyes as they say. And so my next task is to learn to use my eyes to express any emotion under the sun. Bring it on!

Whitney Fangawa on style shoot in London

That’s great. And how do you hope to accomplish this?

Thinking of the purpose behind each shoot helps me to realise what facial expressions will best benefit the look I’m trying to go for. The challenge is mastering characterisation and creating expressions I wouldn’t normally go for. It’s all about experimenting but most importantly, pushing yourself and raising your expectations every time! I’d like to think that in a years time I’d be so much better at this whole creative process.

That sounds great! And how do you come up with the ideas for each shoot? Is it a collaborative effort with the photographer or a solo process?

Yes it’s definitely a collaborative process. I often have ideas that I share with the photographer before the shoot. I usually have a visual idea in mind but we often end up free styling. For example, for this shoot I had an idea to shoot it in some of London’s most treasured gardens and parks. There was a choice out of Kew gardens, Hyde park and Richmond park. But because of the constant rain over the week I changed the idea in mid shoot and instead we shot near Trafalgar square. So it’s about having a clear plan whilst allowing yourself ample time to reschedule, change location and revise the drawing board with unique and fresh ideas.

Whitney Fangawa, a style blogger and writer in London

Wow, sounds like some good stuff. Well thanks Whitney for talking with me. I hope to catch you very soon and best of luck with your future creative endeavours.

It was a pleasure speaking to you and thanks for your kind words. Speak soon.

And that my friends is the end of my inner dialogue with ‘self’.

Whitney Fangawa writer and style blogger

Whitney Fangawa, writer and style blogger

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