All written content featured on thevisionarymeetsthecreator.com has been created by myself. If you would like to use any written or visual material from this site onto your own please contact me beforehand at thevisionarymeetsthecreator@gmail.com and credit where the piece was originally sourced from.

Crediting photographers

In cases where I work alongside a photographer especially in a style based shoot you will see the photographer’s name beside the title ‘Credits’. This means a photographer took those images for that particular shoot not me. I will provide links to their portfolios and their various social media platforms if you would like to connect with them.

In cases where you don’t see any credits title then it means the images have been taken by myself.

Other creatives’ work 

There will be times where I will interview other creatives and share their work with consent from them onto this site. If you then wish to publish their work elsewhere you will need their consent for that. If you are worried that you won’t be able to contact them I always provide their social media links, websites and emails within the post so it is easier for you to get in touch with them.

Still unsure?

If you are still not clear as to whether an image, photography, visual or written piece is mine or not then feel free to email anyway and I will kindly respond to your request. If you have any other questions, queries or concerns feel free to contact me and thank you very much for respecting my wishes.

Last but not least I look forward to connecting with you through the course of this blog :)