A Seoul lit city

City lights and cars in South Korea, Seoul

At night our dreams travel through the inner spaces of our mind. We think of the days that could have been and those days that will ever remain to leave us in complete wonder. Outside my window I whisper the names of a hundred cities I’ve been to yet Seoul is the only city that remembers me enough to whisper back. With wandering eyes, I see the Seoul lit city suspend itself over the horizon like a thousand splendid summers. I see the city embrace every inch of its soulful existence and it tells me to let go and do the same. My soul relishes in the idea that I no longer have to wonder what the soulful life would look like. It is right here between my fingertips.

The soul longs for nothing but to come on home and my heart longs for nothing but to walk through the many hidden paths that this Seoul lit city ushers me into. As the sunset slips away from view the moonlight guides the city way into the midnight hours.

For me Seoul is more than a city, a district or a place to tick off your bucket list. It’s way more sentimental than that. It’s a city born full of adventures and enough to make the other cities we’ve once travelled to become a distant memory away.

The city of Seoul has become a way of life for those that live there. And for those meeting it for the first time realise that it embraces the very part of ourselves that we often try to hide.  Our very souls.

Fountain bridge lights in South Korea, Seoul

City lights in South Korea, Seoul

Tunnel lights in South Korea, Seoul

City lights in South Korea, Seoul

Inspiration behind ‘A Seoul lit city’

This poetic and lyrical creative writing piece explores the beautiful night scenes and the city lights that gave me a real interest in the city of Seoul. I wanted to write about the city lights and explore the visual landscape of Seoul at night as it gives a completely different vibe and atmosphere to the city that you don’t get to see during the day. The creative writing piece draws on visual elements that force you to see, experience and discover yourself in this city. It has a dreamlike quality which compliments some of the images some of which have an artistic touch and dreamlike touch to it.