Anecdotes of a white shirt

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Whitney Fangawa in the studio

                                  Whitney Fangawa in the studio

A closeup of Whitney Fangawa in the studio

The rhythms of life sometimes choose to express themselves in various ways. It could be in the way a young child dips their fingers in paint and delicately brushes it on their mothers white shirt, much to her displeasure. Or the way a young art student discovers herself anew by flicking through the pages of her art book. For we are all given a blank canvas to sketch life’s wondering thoughts on. Thoughts that reveal the true nature of our lives and the mess we often find ourselves in. But it’s in our mess where we find our true artistic inspiration. Ourselves’ Nella Mayhem

It was now just a little after 5:30am and Nella was up in her study room yawning whilst making the final touches to her art project. This was the painting that would decide whether or not she was talented enough to study at the prestige London school of Art & Design. She was in the process of creating more defined brush strokes coming from the subjects hairline which was a portrait of her mother, aged 5. She was fond of this picture of her mother as it captured the innocence and youth that she had often seen twinkling in her mother’s eye from time to time. She stepped back from her painting to have a better look at the portrait but thought something was missing. ‘It lacked a true narrative, a personal narrative’, she thought to herself.

In the corner of her eye she found her white shirt dangling out of her wardrobe and then thought she could weave in the white shirt as a metaphor for her mother’s journey into motherhood whilst connecting her own artistic ambitions and creative endeavours alongside her mother’s personal journey. Perfect she thought. She picked up the white shirt and began dabbing paint brushstrokes all over it. She began with vibrant red strokes and then built the painting with hints of blues and yellows, adding a dynamic feature to it. She looked at what she had created and knew that the white shirt added a layer of complexity and pulled the whole art piece together. It was an intricate detailed and personal narrative that drew reference to her and her mother’s personal journeys.

Ariel had just woken up for the second time that morning and saw Nella’s light shining from her study. ‘That girl works way too hard’ she told herself as she climbed out of bed. As she walked over to her wardrobe she saw her five year old daughters uniform hanging by the door handle. She brushed a finger down Ophelia’s white shirt as it brought back memories of her own mischievous childhood days at school. She opened her wardrobe in search of what to wear to work that day and pulled out a white embellished shirt with ruffled sleeves that flared out at the ends. Very 70’s she thought amusingly then placed her shirt next to her daughters school uniform.

– Later that morning – 

As Nella, Ariel and Ophelia walked out the front door that morning they each wore a white shirt that reflected their individual journey and most of all their personal narratives.

Anecdotes of a white shirt. 

Whitney Fangawa writer in the studio

A closeup of Whitney Fangawa in the studio wearing Lazy Oaf jacket
Whitney Fangawa in the studio

whitney fangawa, writer wearing a black dress on shoot

Whitney Fangawa in the studio wearing a black Zara dress

Whitney Fangawa in the studio wearing a black Zara dress

Whitney Fangawa in the studio wearing Asos pinafore dress

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